Projects Management Solution.

We deliver projects intelligently; to drive the lasting changes organizations need to thrive. Because organizational change is generated through projects, capable project and programmed management are key to ongoing success. Isterlab-Global delivers capital expenditure portfolios of projects with a focus on business outcomes, not just finishing the job.

Of course, delivering projects on time, on budget and to brief is vital. GI CT goes further, taking a creative approach to project and programmed management that often generates innovative solutions. Our project managers are based in globally around Isterlab-Global’s network, connected by a global knowledge management system. Together, they generate and share up-to-the-minute thinking, skills and best practice.

Wherever Isterlab-Global works, we bring relevant responses to local challenges. We are equally equipped to fulfill multinational requirements with consistency, as we do for Deutsche Bank as its global programmed partner.

Trusted, strategic and creative

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and reliability, which makes us, trusted advisors to clients. In this role, we link strategic, programmed and project advice to achieve business goals and lasting change.

Harnessing expertise

Isterlab-Global’s hundreds of project managers have widely varied backgrounds. We draw on their expertise – including design, construction, compliance management, four dimensional planning, time and cost control – to fulfill contrasting briefs.

Our project managers create and lead carefully-crafted project teams – bringing focus, assurance, efficiency and creativity. The caliber of our people allows us to tackle the complexity of combined infrastructure, engineering, technical and specialist consulting on projects.

Navigating risk

Management of risk on projects is about more than safeguarding. Effective management can also realize new opportunities and provide crucial assurance that the project can smoothly make the transition into operation.

Project success means different things to each client – from value capital, cost outturn, timely delivery, and whole-life cost to value for money or your reputation. However you define success, we will match our focus to yours to ensure the risks that matter most to you are known and mitigated.

A technical edge

At Isterlab-Global, we have access to a formidable specialist capability – in other words, experts on call. This resource allows us to meet the high technical demands of clients, whether they are asking us to project manage the retrofit of a facility in Europe or the construction of the largest data centre in Asia and medalist.

Project Management Solutions

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