Infrastructure Recycling

Asset Management

We are able to offer a number of services that fall under the broad IT asset management and IT asset disposal banners. We provide clients with a proven solution that takes care of administrative, legal and social responsibilities from start to finish, right from recovery, guaranteed data wiping, data cleansing and the regeneration of your equipment through innovative recycling and ethical disposal.

Free Innovative Recycling

Our comprehensive recycling service is completely FREE. A guaranteed cost neutral solution is available for all clients and revenue return given wherever possible. The good work doesn’t stop there.

Isterlab-Global genuinely makes a difference every single day changing lives through our innovative social enterprise partnerships. Contact us to be blown away and find out more about how you can boost your CSR and benefit from a new approach to IT recycling.


With the threat of litigation and a visit from the Information Commissioner’s Office ever-present in the event of a loss of data, it makes absolute sense to only use a recycling and disposal specialist.

Guaranteed Data Security

Security is No 1 on our list. It should be No 1 on yours. Isterlab-Global approved data overwriting software on every media device. Equally importantly and for our clients’ further peace of mind.

We are available 24/7 Gobally!

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