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IT Planning

Service Description: Isterlab-Global provides Information the Technology Planning and Design Service for the business. A key requirement for realizing the deployed technology is an overall technology plan that can be referenced for the purpose of the development of tactical plans and decision making. It would include plans for deployment of specific technologies, Video to the desktop, local directory service, cloud file storage, mobile device support or virtual desktops. For any technologies that are in the plan, implementation will be detailed in the various tactical plans. Planning at any level should include budgets and resource projections as well as a benefit-risk analysis. Isterlab-Global the IT Planning Process.

  • Develop and maintain processes that produce IT plans which meet and will continue to meet the IT requirements of the college.
  • A process that will coordinate measure and review the implementation progress of all IT strategies and plans.
  • Determining direction and priorities for technology services
  • Developing and refining enterprise and systems architecture
  • Evaluating new or improved technology to support services and architecture
  • Designing the integration of new or improved systems and services
  • Developing supporting processes for new or improved systems and services
  • Investigating new technology
IT planning includes participation in the creation of Service Level Agreements and the planning of all aspects of infrastructure, internal and external, public and private necessary to ensure that provision of IT services that satisfy the needs of the Business.

IT Survey

Measuring IT user satisfaction via an IT Survey requires well-constructed questionnaires, sufficient preparation, communication and a good methodology.

What does an IT Survey yield?
Gauging the mood during the use of IT services is an excellent way to ascertain satisfaction with IT services. The enthusiasm of employees regarding IT is no longer just ‘it’s nice to have’; IT has become a necessity. Satisfaction with your IT department and services is of enormous value, both financially and non-financially to an organization, yet it is something which is so often overlooked.

IT user satisfaction is directly related to the functioning of the IT department. In turn, the functioning of the IT department has an impact on the organization’s productivity. Scientific research published in 2012 showed that Dutch employees waste an average of 7.6% of the time spent behind a computer due to poorly functioning IT and a lack of training.

Innovation and better roll-outs
IT end users who are satisfied – or even enthusiastic – about IT are employees who also actively contribute to thinking about other improvements and innovation, provide constructive criticism, they can get other employees excited about changes, IT migrations, use of new portals, service catalogues, centralization of the IT service desk, and so forth.

Lower costs
Improving the effectiveness of the IT department, for example by avoiding recurring errors and problems, will reduce pressure within the IT service organization. The quality of this organization can be further increased by focusing attention on structural improvement of the IT organization, rather than dealing with repetitive problems.

Setting up an IT customer satisfaction survey
What is true for management information in general also holds for IT satisfaction: ‘garbage in = garbage out’. The value of measuring can be negated by using poorly thought out questionnaires, insufficient preparation and communication, poor methodology and incorrect interpretation. Poorly executed surveys are not only worthless, but may even lead to incorrect decisions being made. If you want to perform the survey yourself, look for proven methods. Ensure that any surveys performed by your own IT provider are objective or there is a risk of ‘the butcher grading his own meat’. Surveys are a necessity. Changes tend to take days, weeks or months rather than years. As a changing organization, you will need to respond swiftly and anticipate what may happen around the corner. How often you perform an IT Survey also depends on the subject and the degree of detail in the questionnaire Recent advances in technology have made it incredibly easy to conduct real-time surveys and opinion polls. Online tools make it easy to frame questions and answers, and create surveys on the Web. Distributing surveys via email, website links or even integration with online CRM tools like have made online surveying a quick-win solution.

IT Implementation

Whether you’re installing a new IT system or optimizing an existing one, Isterlab-Global designs approaches that are realistic, achievable, and fully customized to your needs. Implementing an IT system is one of the most important – and most expensive – ventures healthcare organizations will undertake. Whether you are an independent physician practice or a multi-hospital health system, optimally utilizing this technology is essential to your operations and patient care delivery.

This is when you want Isterlab-Global in your corner.

Our job is to make your system fully functional and easily usable by the people in your organization. We work closely with you in managing all phases of system implementation, including planning, configuration, testing, training, and go-live.

Once your IT system is in place, we then usher your organization through a smooth and reliable transition from implementation to ongoing optimization, making sure that you consistently get the most out of your system and investment.

Your IT system profoundly impacts the performance of your organization. Working with ECG to implement and optimize your technology will ensure that change is for the better.

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