BTS / RAN Management

More than 20 000 certified Field Engineers in more than 160 countries Very short service delivery times, NBD available in most locations DC Engineers at data center locations 24x7 offering immediate response Central coordination and SPOC for communication and escalation Global multi-technology and multi-vendor value-added distribution Door-to-door logistics and DDP services available for all countries More than 60 000 m2 of central and local stocking and staging facilities Managed Services and Flexible Payment Plans Consolidated maintenance including 3rd party and OEM-based services Multi-vendor, multi-technology support including EoL / EoS equipment DC Engineers located at data centers offer 24x7x2 SLAs Local spare equipment storage with immediate shipment options Last-mile mobile 2G/ 3G/ 4G, satellite, and terrestrial connectivity Mobile, portable, and fixed solutions through flexible contracts Specific solutions for rapid deployment and maintenance purposes Solutions for specific applications and industries, including M2M Benefits.

Extend your reach into new regions

Expand your business to new regions and discover new opportunities in remote markets. Today, the ability to answer the demand for network solutions globally is a key prerequisite to successful cooperation with international customers.

Increase your profitability

A partnership with us means you can be more effective in delivering hardware and deploying services in local and remote markets. Effective central management and local insight supported by a very high number of local resources allows us to execute the best possible solutions and expedite Clients’ ROI.

Reduce your operation costs

We are experts in creating best practice optimized processes that will help our Clients’ companies improve their operational performance. The end result is improved productivity, faster response times, reduced cost, increased profitability, and improved customer service levels.

Capitalize on growth opportunities

We help our Clients to truly capitalize on enterprise market growth opportunities that arise from strong customer demands for global, centralized, next-generation, and innovative services. With effective and professional global support, our Clients can deploy the most advanced and up-to-date network solutions globally, improve response times, decrease delivery times, and increase the quality of on-site services, thus enhancing end customer satisfaction.

Radio Access Network

Operators are running to cope with a radio access technology challenge in their networks. The deployment of LTE alongside existing GSM and HSPA layer upgrades and modernization is adding complexity in radio access networks. Not only is a new radio technology involved, along with a raft of new frequency bands, but new IP-based backhaul transport needed for LTE must be added on top of the existing ATM and TDM backhaul transport networks. Such complexity threatens to create runaway costs for operators

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